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Did you forget something?

Dearest news reader, perhaps you forgot to sign one of the noted wonderful petitions so as a gentle reminder, DO IT!… Else we will send the dollies round to your door! Chortle chortle! But please do allow us to trouble you to sign up either or if you would be so kind both of the tremendous petitions Ask the 700 or Change.org, as we know you would miss our venues dreadfully and have no wish to see your delightful dollies out of a job, or even worse forced to work in some form of dangerous and definitely unregulated place of work: simply click the links below and share your support, thank you:



Glasgow City Council has implemented a consultation on an extra layer of licensing for lap dancing clubs, considering that the current licensing regime has done a perfectly fine job for many many years. The consultation should have been a thing to welcome but in reality, there is a desire to limit the clubs in Glasgow to ZERO.

This is basically on the premise that lap dancing is a form of violence against woman and the venues are unregulated… utter tosh.

It seems not to matter a jot that absolutely ZERO of the dancers and staff, or for that matter our treasured customers, agree with such nonsense.

Since its introduction to Scotland some 25 years ago the lap dance industry’s reputation for being professionally run establishments that DO NOT contribute by any measure to violence statistics against woman and are the envy of the licensed trade due to this outstanding fact.

Finally it’s a heartfelt welcome to the GMB trade union from all the staff in the industry we all look forward to our voices being heard and our rights to work in a proven safe and secure working environment being protected.

20th Birthday

A celebration of 20 marvellously glorious fun-filled years at the No1 club, aka your favourite dolls house. Now we know you will be equally passionate about not missing out on our birthday bash and that’s why we have allocated the entire month of August for this very special party.

  • Complimentary admission hotel key holder
  • Complimentary admission you+2
  • Simply show the news item or room key or event ID on admission
  • Beer & spirit & VIP/bottle package offers
  • Weekend admission & dance offers

See you all soon!

VIP / Corporate / Hospitality

  • Join us in our effortlessly stylish venue
  • Relax with the sophisticated sounds at just the right volume
  • Enjoy delicious cocktails and sample The LAB experimental shooter menu
  • Indulge in our selection of perfectly chilled marquee champagnes
  • The most charming and loveliest Dollies await the pleasure of your company

So what are you waiting for? Come on down!

Staying in a local hotel?

If you’re staying in a hotel in Glasgow, you can present your key fob on arrival to get complimentary entry before midnight, every night of the week, all year round!

Beat that!

Table Packages / Bottle Service

It’s time to upgrade your visit to the Diamond Dolls VIP floor and champagne lounge.

Reserve a table on our exclusive VIP floor with dedicated waitress service, you can choose from a wide range of spirits and champagnes available to purchase by the bottle, as well as complimentary priority admission for your party. Forget the queue at the bar, relax in our dedicated VIP floor where the surroundings are luxurious and the music is always at a comfortable level.

For fantastic discounts on party bookings, please contact Michelle on 0141 226 3490 or complete our enquiry form.

All major credit cards accepted.

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